Hey, I'm Tarik (Work in progress)

Who are you?

About me

Me, myself and I

My name is Tarik and I'm 16 years old. I'm coming from germany and live currently in Saxony-Anhalt. My home state is Saxony and I like it to talk in Saxony slang. Currently I'm in a training and learning the profession of the IT-Specialist for system integration.

Passioned programmer

In the free-time my passion is to develop plug-ins for Spigot/Bukkit and BungeeCord. Also writing websites and panels counts to my work.

The ways to my hobbies

To my first hobby, programming, I came because I was bored in holidays. My age was 11 and I went to the bookshop and bought a book about C++-Language. It was just hard for me to understand the text and I need to look up much words in the dictionary. Time after time I also really understood what I've programmed actually. Later on I tried Java and it worked way better for me.

My second hobby I got in cause of my parents and my tablet. What? My tablet? Right! My parents told me I should look up for sport-types in Freiberg, my home-town. So I did and I found a nice one - fencing. It was really exciting for me.

What am I doing at work

I'm developing internal applications and help users with their problems, if they have some. Other tasks are to maintain computer-systems and set up new's.

My languages


My mother tongue is German. I actually don't like it because grammar is a mess.


My secondary language is English. I like it. It's easy to learn and nearly everybody understands it, expect elderlies.


I learned it for 3 years. I believe it's just a tongue breaking language.


My favourite programming-language is Java and it was the first object-orientated language I've learned.


In web-area I first learned PHP for web-services like web-calls and then learned HTML/CSS and a special type of CSS - SCSS.


My third type of programming-languages I'm learning currently are the script-languages Batch (Windows) and Bash (Linux/OS X). I don't like them and use them just for essential things.

My references

(Programming and care)

NIKITA Hausmeisterservice

Thomas Köhler
Am Markt 10
01737 Tharandt